Andrew Wahl, circa 1977

Andrew Wahl, your Comics Bronze Age editor, left, seen here with baby sister Kami (a non-comic-book reader) in 1977. Sadly, the Spider-Man T-shirt no longer fits.

Comics Bronze Age is an online magazine celebrating the Bronze Age of the American comic book, a period lasting roughly from 1970 to 1985. At the heart of this publication is its editor’s effort to revisit and review just about every issue published during his formative years.

That editor is Andrew Wahl, a lifelong comic-book aficionado and resident of the Pacific Northwest. A career journalist, Wahl left his newspaper job in 2008 to earn his master’s degree and is now communications director for Humanities Washington.

His comics-related freelance work has included reviews for the Comics Buyer’s Guide and Comic-Con International coverage for Comic Book Resources. He has also been a regular contributor to Gemstone Publishing’s Scoop e-newsletter.

Comics Bronze Age is largely a hobby project, but the hope is the site will earn enough each year to pay for the editor’s annual pilgrimage to Comic-Con International in San Diego.

As of Sept. 3, 2012, Comics Bronze Age is being updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Wahl can be contacted by e-mail at editor@comicsbronzeage.com, or by snail mail at:

Comics Bronze Age
c/o Off the Wahl Productions
P.O. Box 25007
Seattle, WA 98165

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