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POLL: What was Jack Kirby’s best Bronze Age DC book?

Jack Kirby

In 1970, Jack “The King” Kirby left Marvel for DC, ushering in the Bronze Age. Which of his DC series was the best? The nominees are: Kamandi, the Last Boy on Earth; New Gods; Omac; and Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen. [More]

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What was DC’s best short-lived series during the Bronze Age?

In the face of decreasing newsstand sales, DC experimented with several new series during the Bronze Age. Despite some strong creative efforts, many of these series failed to last even 10 issues. Which of these short-lived series was the best? The nominees: Omac; Ragman; Shade, the Changing Man; and Sword of Sorcery. [More]

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Talking Points returns Aug. 8

The weekly Talking Points feature is taking a break for a few weeks while Comics Bronze Age takes its annual pilgrimage to Comic-Con International in San Diego. Look for Talking Points to return Aug. 8.

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Which long run or series should Comics Bronze Age review next?

For a few weeks, Comics Bronze Age is using the weekly Talking Points poll to get some constructive reader feedback. This week, it’s a chance to vote on which long run or series the site tackles next. The nominees: Cerebus the Aardvark #1-50, Daredevil #158-191, Rom #1-75 or Giant-Size X-Men #1 and X-Men #94-175. [More]

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How should Comics Bronze Age schedule its reviews?

For the the next few weeks, Comics Bronze Age hopes to use to the weekly Talking Points poll to get some constructive reader feedback. [More]

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What was Roy Thomas’ best Bronze Age Marvel series?

Next to Stan Lee, no writer was more important to the early years of the Marvel Universe than “Rascally” Roy Thomas. But which series represented Thomas’ best Bronze Age work for Marvel? The nominees: The Avengers, Conan the Barbarian, Fantastic Four and The Invaders. [More]

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Who was the best member of the Fantastic Four during the Bronze Age?

The FF had plenty of replacement members during the Bronze Age, but it’s hard to go wrong with the founding four. This week’s nominees: Human Torch, Invisible Girl/Woman, Mr. Fantastic and the Thing. (Of course, feel free to make a case for one of the rotating cast of fill-in members!) [More]

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What is the best format for reading Bronze Age back issues?

When diving into several issues worth of Bronze Age adventures, what format do you reach for? The nominees: Digital files, collected editions (hardcover), collected edition (trade paperbacks) and, of course, the original comics. [More]

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What is the best source for Bronze Age back issues?

Sure, a great deal of Bronze Age material is available in collected form, but sometimes only the original comics will do. When you need a floppy fix, where do you turn for Bronze Age goodness? The nominees: Comic-book conventions, eBay, local comic-book stores or online comic book stores, [More]

Bronze Age Grad School

Reaction Paper #12: On ‘Kirby: King of Comics’

This time out, Bronze Age Grad School curls up with Mark Evanier’s Kirby: King of Comics, an insider’s look at the career of Jack Kirby. (Editor’s note: This is #12 of a 17-part series.) [More]

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