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Upcoming reviews (Apr. 1-29): Iron Man: ‘Demon in a Bottle’


And now for something a little different: In honor of the Iron Man 3 movie opening May 3, Comics Bronze Age spends the next month reviewing the entire “Demon in a Bottle” run from Iron Man #120-128. By the team of David Michelinie, John Romita Jr. and Bob Layton, “Demon in a Bottle” was the Bronze Age’s definitive Iron Man story line. [More]

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Upcoming reviews (Mar. 18-29): Bronze Age Potpourri


After nearly three weeks away thanks to a Technology Apocalypse, Comics Bronze Age returns to its regular, thrice-weekly schedule with a short month of reviews. Stories in the spotlight for March range from a wordless G.I. Joe classic to a Superman gender-bender caper. [More]

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Upcoming reviews (Feb. 1-28): Bronze Age Potpourri


After a January filled with No. 1s, it’s time for a little variety. This month’s collection of reviews ranges from the debut of Captain America’s Nomad identity to an alien tree looking to get jiggy with Superman! [More]

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Upcoming reviews (Jan. 1-30): Bronze Age No. 1s

Great First Ish!

First issues have long been a collectible staple, and the Bronze Age was no exception. This month, Comics Bronze Age takes a look at No. 1 from Aardvark-Vanaheim, Atlas (Seaboard), DC, Eagle, Gold Key and Marvel. [More]

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Upcoming reviews (Nov. 26 to Dec. 24): 10 Days of Christmas

10 Days of Christmas 2012

Once again, Comics Bronze Age gets into the merriment of the season with our annual 10 Days of Christmas celebration. There’s no shortage of naughty or nice on this schedule of reviews! [More]

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Upcoming reviews (Nov. 1-21): Barbarians!


Comics Bronze Age uses the first part of November 2012 to showcase that staple of the Bronze Age – the barbarian! [More]

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Upcoming reviews (Oct. 1-31): Monster Madness!

Monster Madness!

Comics Bronze Age celebrates October 2012 with a horror-themed collection of reviews. [More]

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Upcoming reviews (Sep. 3-28): Bronze Age Potpourri

Bronze Age Potpourri

For Comics Bronze Age first month back, we wanted to offer an eclectic mix of reviews. The result: A Bronze Age Potpourri with everything from one of the era’s first issues to one of the first-ever graphic novels. [More]

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Upcoming reviews (Nov. 15-19): Golden and Miller reruns

For our first week of reruns, we look back at a few selections from two of the Bronze Age’s brightest new stars — Michael Golden and Frank Miller. Monday: What If? #35. Tuesday: The Avengers Annual #10. Wednesday: John Carter Warlord of Mars #18. Thursday: The Batman Family #20. Friday: Daredevil #191. Next week: Tony Isabella reruns. Comics Bronze Age goes on indefinite hiatus. [More]

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Upcoming reviews (Nov. 8-12): Bellingham Comicon Buys

Just getting home from the second annual Bellingham Comicon, which was held Nov. 6, 2010. This week’s reviews look at a few of the new additions that made their way back to Comics Bronze Age HQ. Monday: Captain America #155. Tuesday: Machine Man #18. Wednesday Thursday: Wonder Woman #226. Thursday To be rescheduled: Jungle Action #22. Friday To be rescheduled: Daredevil #105. Next week: Golden and Miller Reruns [More]

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