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Comic-Con 2010: Convention Report: Day 2

(Photo by Andrew Wahl)

EL CAJON, Calif. — Another day at Comic-Con International in San Diego is in the books. This one was marked by huge crowds that frustrated my every effort to shop, and Spotlight sessions with two of the Bronze Age’s most influential writers. Chris Claremont’s X-stories were my gateway drug on the road to comics addiction. It was great getting to spend an hour with the writer, listening to stories from back in the day and hearing how excited he is about his current X-Men Forever and X-Women projects. The other Spotlight was with Paul Levitz, the longtime Legion of Super-Heroes scribe who recently returned to the book after two decades. Along with Marv (New Teen Titans) Wolfman — whose session I’ll attend Saturday — Claremont and Levitz were part of a troika of writers who hooked me on comic-books forever.

I’m working on stories about the Claremont and Levitz Spotlights for Comic Book Resources, and will post a link here when those stories go live. In the meantime, I offer up 15 More Random Thoughts and Observations From Comic-Con and San Diego, a sequel to yesterday’s column.

1. Warm weather draws more homeless people to San Diego than I’ve ever seen in waterlogged Seattle area.
2. Overheard at breakfast: “If you have a rockin’ body like that, you don’t need pants.”
3. Comic-Con is sort of like Christmas: I ignore the crass consumerism because it comes wrapped in trappings I adore.
4. Overheard in the men’s room: “I need a breath mint. I smell like a drunk Klingon. A sick, drunk Klingon.”
5. Most surreal moment of the day: When Newsweek’s “What Mattered Most This Week” e-newletter arrived during breakfast. What the hell? You mean the world still goes on during Comic-Con?
6. Far fewer cosplayers dressed as Silk Spectre this year. Can’t say that’s a good thing.
7. Vertigo writer Chris Roberson on character creation: “I just steal other people’s characters and file the serial numbers.”
8. Being herded and scolded by Red Shirts and volunteers all day makes feel bad for nagging my daughter.
9. Exhibit Hall in the afternoon: TOO MANY PEOPLE!
10. No, really, cosplayers: It’s really great when you strike a pose for picture IN THE MIDDLE OF AN ALREADY CONGESTED AISLE!!! !@#$%
11. Pulitzer-Prizing-winning memoirist Frank McCourt was Paul Levitz high-school English teacher.
12. Cosplay realization of the day: Robin’s original costume is ridiculous. Fighting crime in green panites? Just not scary.
13. Chris Claremont: “Editors are scum!”
14. People coming in and out of panel discussions early are only slightly less annoying than those who sit in the back and chitchat.
15. No matter how good your shoes are, your feet still feel like swollen avocados by the end of the day.

That’s all for Day 2. Tomorrow’s highlights include a writing seminar with Marv Wolfnan and a Batman panel featuring the legendary Bat-team of Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams. And, with any luck, I should finally get to do some more shopping, too. Should be a blast.

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2 comments to Comic-Con 2010: Convention Report: Day 2

  • Cosplayers – really dont get em, but I love looking at the ones dressed as Vampirella. lol

  • There are many fine looking cosplayers at Comic-Con. But I’d say the smokin’ hot to ”OMG! Why would someone do that? ratio is, sadly, about one to one.

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