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Convention Report: Meridian Park School Comic Book and Collectible Show (#3)

Books from the Meridain Park School show.

Some of the Bronze booty purchased at the Meridain Park School Comic Book and Collectible Show: The Avengers #97, The Demon #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #97.
(Covers by Gil Kane and Bill Everett, Jack Kirby, and John Romita Sr.)
Published and © by Marvel and DC, 1971-72

Your Comics Bronze Age editor is running behind today, as a weekend trip over the Cascades to attend the third Meridian Park School Comic Book and Collectible Show blew my schedule out of whack. The trip was a busy one, but the show itself was a small, laid-back affair.

Much like the earlier editions of this show, this was an old-school, swap-meet-style convention organized by Ron Oakden at the Meridian Park School in Shoreline, Wash. Unfortunately, the event appears to be shrinking, not growing. Fewer dealers and even fewer attendees than the last show made this a tough one for selling (Comics Bronze Age was trying to unload some of the duplicate copies found on the High-Grade Bronze for Sale or Trade page). Still, it was a fun way to spend a Saturday, sharing a table with old friend Scott Stine (who runs, and catching up with former Rocket Comics owner Steve Sibra (who now does his regular business on eBay).

It was also a good day for wheeling and dealing, as dealers swapped books with each other. There was also one person there blowing out the bulk of his personal collection for just $1 a book; it’s hard to say “no” to high-grade Bronze at that price — even stuff like Black Lightning, Vengeance Squad, and Steel, the Indestructible Man. The same dealer had some nicer stuff for higher-but-still-bargain prices; other books making the journey back to the Comics Bronze Age office include a VF Amazing Spider-Man #97 (just $25), a VF/NM Demon #1 (vintage Kirby, $25) and nice copies of Charlton’s E-Man #9 (with a John Byrne “Rog 2000” backup story, $7) and The Batman Family #13 ($9), #14 ($7) and #15 ($7). Sibra also offered a few good deals (the best was a VF copy of The Avengers #97 for $25.16), while trades with other dealers brought home high-grade copies of Tor #1, Weird Worlds #3, Time Warp #1, Iron Man #77, Power Comics #2 and Cobalt Blue #1.

Again, it was a great way to spend a day. Here’s hoping this show will grow. The next one is already scheduled for Jan. 30, and Comics Bronze Age will be there. Come on out for a visit. Or, at only $25 a table, contact Ron Oakden at Twin Oak Shows — (206) 533-2009 or — and come out and peddle your own wares.

The next show Comics Bronze Age will be covering: Portland Comic Book Show, at the Portland Memorial Coliseum, Nov. 15, 2009.

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