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Action Comics #521

Action Comics #521

(Cover by Ross Andru and Dick Giordano)
Published and © by DC, Jul. 1981

“The Deadly Rampage of the Lady Fox”

Synopsis: Superman teams with a super-model-turned-superheroine named Vixen to stop an illegal fur-poaching operation in India.

Writer: Gerry Conway
Penciler: Curt Swan
Inker: Frank Chiaramonte

Review: Three years after her solo book was nixed by the DC Implosion, Gerry Conway’s Vixen finally makes her DCU debut. Sadly, this tale wasn’t worth the wait. Heavy-handed morality plagues the plot, while Curt Swan’s art lacks dynamism. It’s not a bad issue, but the character deserved better.


“Grow, Little Growfish!”

Synopsis: Aquaman calls in the Atom for some scientific backup as the two research a sea blob that can rapidly expand.

Writer: Bob Rozakis
Penciler: Alex Saviuk
Inker: Vince Colletta

Review: A filler story with no-better-than-average art fills pages that would have been better spent on the origin of the Vixen.


Grade (for the whole issue): B-

Cool factor: The Vixen. Clearly, the character had potential, even if it’s not on display here.

Not-so-cool factor: The Vixen’s original powder-blue-and-gold costume. Yuck!

Notable: First appearance of future JLAer Vixen.

Character quotable: “The world still sees only stereotypes.” — Mari Macabe, AKA the Vixen, concerned that people will prejudge her … not because of her skin color, but because she’s a super-model!

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1 comment to Action Comics #521

  • Jeremy A. Patterson

    Vixen did receive a miniseries last year, and is more fondly remembered for her Suicide Squad run than her two or so stints on the Justice League!


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