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Amazing Adventures #5

Amazing Adventures #5

(Cover uncredited)
Published and © by Marvel, Mar. 1971

“His Brother’s Keeper!”

Synopsis: Black Bolt leaves the Great Refuge on a scouting mission — and Maximus takes advantage of his absence!

Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciler: Neal Adams
Inker: Tom Palmer

Review: Not many would want to follow Jack Kirby on the Inhumans, but Neal Adams makes it look easy. While the King’s installments had a Silver Age vibe, Adams and writer Roy Thomas take the Inhumans Bronze. A nice chapter of this serial adventure, with a strong cliffhanger ending.


“… And to All a Good Night”

Synopsis: A young man mixed up with the wrong crowd grows suicidal at Christmas. Can the Black Widow keep him alive?

Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciler: Gene Colan
Inker: Bill Everett

Review: Roy Thomas struggles with the noir tone, but delivers an excellent shock ending. The art is, not surprisingly, quite gorgeous.


Grade (for the whole issue): A-

Second opinion: “Pretty sweet little tale …” — Brian Cronin, talking about the Black Widow story, for Comic Book Resources. … “… Adams’ art added to the verisimilitude with a series of portraits that expressed the full range of human emotions … .” — Pierre Comtois, Marvel Comics in the 1970s.

Cool factor: Great early Bronze art.

Not-so-cool factor: Roy Tomas’ “hip” dialogue can be painful at times.

Collector’s note: The “Amazing Mails” letters page includes an LOC from future DC bigwig Paul Levitz.

Character quotable: “You would have bothered him with … trifles.” — Medusa, politically sensitive, as always.

The Inhumans story
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The Black Widow story
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