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Review: Fantastic Four #243                   

Fantastic Four #243

(Cover by John Byrne)
Published and © by Marvel, Jun. 1982

“Shall Earth Endure?”

Synopsis: The Fantastic Four team with Galactus to take on Terrax — but what will happen when that fight is won?

Writer: John Byrne
Penciler: Byrne
Inker: Byrne

Review: As with last issue (see Comics Bronze Age’s review), writer/artist John Byrne remains in top form during his first Galactus epic. It’s hard to compete with the cosmic scale of the FF vs. Galactus, though Byrne ups the ante by adding a few more Marvel heroes to the mix. The god-vs.-god action with Thor is particularly strong, as is Doctor Strange’s contribution to the fight. But the best scenes are the contrasting small moments, such as Daredevil and Spider-Man’s commentary from the sidelines. Byrne balances big battles and intimate moments with great skill: he’s got the Marvel formula down.

Grade: A

Second opinions: “Totally badass.” — Brian Cronin, Comics Should Be Good! … “Byrne’s best issue so far. 9/10.” — Matt C, Paradox Comics Group

Cool factor: Byrne’s take on Galactus is pitch perfect.

Character quotable: “For all your vaunted strength you are but a fading shadow of my cosmic all!” — Galactus, devourer of worlds, talker of trash.

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3 comments to Review: Fantastic Four #243                   

  • I haven’t got it to hand but this is “Galactus Falls!” issue, right? That was one hell of an image!

  • Yeah, the Galactus falls full-page splash is great. But the part of the story that really got me as a kid was Reed’s subsequent declaration “We have to save Galactus!” I couldn’t decide if he was the universe’s greatest hero or biggest dumbass, but I knew that was a special act. (Little did I know the Shi’ar would be asking the same question twenty issues later!)

    Note to readers: Matt is also doing a complete read-through and review of John Byrne’s FF over at Paradox Comics Group (he actually started his run before I even had the notion to start mine). Make sure to swing by and check his Byrne FF Project out!

  • Dave B

    Galactus seemed too human, and I’m surprised, even weakened, that they could defeat him. Terrax is an idiot, challenging Galactus. Good story, still.

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