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Review: Godzilla #4                               

(Cover uncredited)
Published and © by Marvel, Nov. 1977
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“Godzilla Versus Batragon!”

Synopsis: Following their initial clash, Godzilla tracks Batragon back north to the Aleutian Islands — and the secret base of Dr. Demonicus.

Writer: Doug Moench
Penciler: Tom Sutton
Inker: Tony DeZuniga

Review: While still fun, Godzilla #4 is the weakest of this series so far. While a book like this requires a good amount of suspension of disbelief, this issue takes some serious logic leaps. Where are the Champions and why didn’t they pursue Godzilla after the creature destroyed the Golden Gate Bridge (see review of Godzilla #3)? Why exactly does Godzilla pursue Batragon back to Alaska? And who is this poorly dressed, C-list, Dr.-Doom wannabe whose evil lair is inside a volcano? Add in guest artist Tom Sutton’s occasional struggles with perspective and this issue is a bit of a dud.

Grade: B-

Cool factor: Giant monsters fighting always has some cool value.

Not-so-cool factor: Dr. Demonicus’ costume. No, seriously.

Character quotable: “Look, Jones, you wanna play social worker, go play in Watts or Harlem.” — Dum Dum Dugan, obviously out sick during S.H.I.E.L.D.’s sensitivity training.

Collected in: Essential Godzilla [Buy from Mile High]

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