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Review: Imagine #1                               

(Cover by Marshall Rogers)
Published and © by Star*Reach, Apr. 1978
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Synopsis: A pilot’s sexist resentment of a female trainee leads him to a wild, conjoined daydream.

Writer: Neal Adams
Penciler: Frank Cirocco
Inker: Cirocco

Review: Like the Image comics of the 1990s, Star*Reach’s anthology titles often let star artists experiment with writing — and the results could be just as self-indulgent. This lead feature, written by the legendary Neal Adams, pairs the history of flight with giant nakedness. Odd stuff, nicely drawn by Frank Cirocco.



Synopsis: Authorities interview a person who witnessed the murder of a musician on stage at a concert.

Writer: Dave Sim
Penciler: Fabio Gasbarri
Inker: Gasbarri

Review: Dave Sim displays a knack for getting into character’s heads. Fabio Gasbarri’s art is both striking and hard to follow.


“Making It”

Synopsis: A naked couple on skateboards grows wings and ascends to the heavens.

Writer: Lee Marrs
Penciler: Marrs
Inker: Marrs

Review: Another dream-infused story, this one-pager would have been stronger with better art or more poetic prose.


“Disputed Sacrifice”

Synopsis: When the Zxeraxerlis is attacked while trying to sacrifice a virgin, a subhuman underling has its way with said virgin.

Writer: Marshall Rogers
Penciler: Rogers
Inker: Rogers

Review: Another self-indulgent, dreamy tale that offers an excuse to draw nakedness. But Marshall Rogers sure draws a pretty page.


“The Nimrod Fusion”

Synopsis: Prime hunters from two species fighting for supremacy on a future Earth get inside each other’s head — literally.

Writer: Steven Grant
Penciler: Rich Larson
Inker: Larson

Review: Steven Grant’s text-heavy script overwhelms the visuals. Rich Larson’s art is decent, but his light linework lacks contrast.


“The Garbage Men”

Synopsis: “Garbage Men” sent to burn diseased, radioactive corpses run into a live mutant — and a family mystery.

Writer: Gene Day
Penciler: Fabio Gasbarri
Inker: Gasbarri

Review: This odd little tale needed more room to breathe. The art is striking, but the lettering is hard to read.


Grade (for the whole issue): B

Second opinion: “Best story here is Dave Sim’s … best art is probably Fabio Gasbarri’s work on both ‘Anticipation’ and ‘The Garbage Men.’ ” — Richard J. Arndt,

Cool factor: Plenty of nice art here.

Not-so-cool factor: The stories? Not as good.

Collector’s note: The second printing has a dark gray border with a new cover by Frank Cirocco.

Character quotable: “You can smell it in the air smothering the entire building. The anticipation, man … the anticipation!” — A murder witness.

A word from editor:Imagine will attempt to encompass dramatic material from many different areas: if the stories are good, we’ll run a western here, or a detective story, something topically located, even (**shudder**) a superhero.” — Mike Friedrich, from his introduction to this issue.

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