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Review: The Brave & the Bold #135         

The Brave & the Bold #135

(Cover by Jim Aparo)
Published and © by DC, Jul. 1977

“More Than Human!”

Synopsis: A robotic humanoid from a time capsule means trouble for Batman — and perhaps death for one of the Metal Men!

Writer: Bob Haney
Penciler: Jim Aparo
Inker: Aparo

Review: This one has everything you’d expect from a Bob Haney issue of The Brave & the Bold: a contrived reason for a superhero team-up, with a time capsule, robots, a nefarious villainess, double dealings, and more than one confusing plot twist. But there’s also something unusual about this story: It’s a two-parter! And your Comics Bronze Age editor doesn’t have the next issue! Oh, the horror! Still, this is a really fun issue, and Jim Aparo’s art is quite wonderful. His work on this series is strong throughout, but earlier issues like this one are often a notch above.

Grade: B+

Cool factor: Jim Aparo AND the Metal Men.

Character quotable: “Wish I could be neutral, about her — I can’t help … liking her!” — inner monologue from Bruce Wayne, right after chastising Ruby Ryder for her “ambition, nastiness and sheer arrogance!

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