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Review: The Brute #1                             

(Cover uncredited [probably Dick Giordano])
Published and © by Atlas (Seaboard), Feb. 1972
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“Night of the Brute!”

Synopsis: A prehistoric sub-human frozen in ice emerges eons later to bring death and destruction to a Minnesota town.

Writer: Michael Fleisher
Penciler: Mike Sekowsky
Inker: Pablo Marcos

Review: This isn’t a good comic book. Michael Fleisher’s story lacks any spark of originality, and isn’t sure what it wants to be. It doesn’t feel like a horror comic, and there really aren’t any superhero — or even antihero — trappings, either. This origin story is pretty nonsensical, even by the era’s standards, and does little to establish the character. Worse, it’s just not interesting. The Brute seems to be a pretty unexceptional prehuman. Well, except for his size changing. But that’s not a power, it’s just poor art from Mike Sekowsky, whose uninspired work here lacks any of his trademark energy.

Grade: D+

Second opinion: “Poorly written and poorly drawn.” — The Slings & Arrows Comic Guide (second edition).

Cool factor: Unlike in Marvel’s Incredible Hulk, people actually get killed in The Brute. That’s kind of refreshing.

Not-so-cool factor: Pretty much this whole outing.

Notable: According to this Comic Book Legends Revealed, Mike Sekowsky snuck a profanity into this issue.

Character quotable: “Mark my words! You’ll be sorry you did this!” — Mr. Carlson, father of one of the Brute’s victims (perhaps offering a warning to readers of this comic?)

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