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Review: Warlock #1                               

Warlock #1

(Cover by Gil Kane and ???)
Published and © by Marvel, Aug. 1972

“The Day of the Prophet!”

Synopsis: Adam Warlock and his friends (followers?) set out on a quest to find Man-Beast, the big bad of Counter-Earth.

Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciler: Gil Kane
Inker: Tom Sutton

Review: Oh, those trippy-hippy comics of the early 1970s. With Warlock, writer Roy Thomas tries out a superhero-as-Jesus approach with Adam Warlock as son to the High Evolutionary’s creator. Set on Counter-Earth and spiced with a dash of social relevance, this debut issue lands surprisingly flat. Part of the problem is that this story is continued from Marvel Premiere, and Thomas’ recap effort doesn’t fully get readers up to speed. This first issue also features some pretty lame villains. Not to be faulted is the art: Gil Kane and Tom Sutton make an excellent superhero-art team.

Grade: B

Cool factor: Superhero Jesus with art by Gil Kane? ’Nuff said.

Not-so-cool factor: Avian villains named Haukk and Pih-Junn. Ouch.

Notable: Think this series was influential? This issue has LOCs of praise from future comics pros J.M. DeMatteis, Richard Pini and Steven Grant.

Character quotable: “You’d have me become a partner in your perfidy?” — Warlock, trying to talk “Dad” down.

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