Reviews (DC)

Review: Wonder Woman #199                

Diana Prince teams with Jonny Double in an effort to protect the “King of Beautiful Women.” Dated-but-eminently-enjoyable fun from Denny O’Neil, Don Heck and Dick Giordano. [More]

Reviews (DC)

Review: Tarzan #207                               

Marooned in the jungle, the doomed Greystokes give birth to a son who is eventually raised by apes. Inspired work from Joe Kubert, along with nice Murphy Anderson art on the John Carter backup, earn this DC debut an A. [More]

Reviews (Marvel)

Review: Astonishing Tales #11           

Man-apes leave young Kevin Plunder orphaned in the Savage Land, but the child is soon adopted by the mighty saber-toothed Zabu. Roy Thomas’ origin story for Ka-Zar is pretty ho hum, but Gil Kane’s art is dynamic. [More]

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