Bronze Age Essentials

X-Men #107

X-Men #107

Bronze Age Essentials uses Marvel’s inexpensive B&W reprint volumes to sequentially review extended runs of Marvel series from the 1970s and ’80s. This issue: Chris Claremont goes big as the X-Men clash with the Shi’ar Imperial Guard. [More]

Reviews (Marvel)

Review: Godzilla #3                               

Godzilla’s United States road trip continues with a visit to San Francisco and a showdown with Hercules and the Champions. Another fun issue of a surprisingly fun series from Doug Moench and Herb Trimpe. [More]

Reviews (DC)

Review: DC Super-Stars #16                   

Coerced by the Corporation, swashbuckler Donovan Flint has no choice but to join in the search for an ancient artifact. A surprisingly flat story by David Michelinie, with inconsistent but potential-laden art from the team of Don Newton and Bob Layton. [More]

Reviews (Other Publishers)

The Bionic Woman #1

The Bionic Woman #1

Television’s Bionic Woman makes her way to comic books. Based on this uncredited stink bomb, that might not be a good thing. [More]

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