Reviews (DC)

Action Comics #544

Action Comics #544

Lex Luthor and Brainiac both get solid revamps in this 45th anniversary issue of Action Comics. Creative talent for this outing includes Cary Bates, Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson, Marv Wolfman, Gil Kane and others. [More]

Reviews (Marvel)

Review: Fantastic Four #255                   

Mr. Fantastic is dead (or is he?), the FF are trapped in the Negative Zone, and Annihilus threatens everything. Yikes! Unfortunately, this is one of the few issues of Fantastic Four where John Byrne’s art lets his story down. [More]

Reviews (Other Publishers)

Review: They Were Chosen to Be the Survivors #1

Pursued by both a robot bounty hunter and the mysterious Dreadlord, the Survivors must adjust quickly to their new environment. This off-brand labor of love by Steve Woron and Bob Lewis has the look and feel of a mid-range Marvel of the era. [More]

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