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What was DC’s best short-lived series during the Bronze Age?

In the face of decreasing newsstand sales, DC experimented with several new series during the Bronze Age. Despite some strong creative efforts, many of these series failed to last even 10 issues. Which of these short-lived series was the best? The nominees: Omac; Ragman; Shade, the Changing Man; and Sword of Sorcery. [More]

Reviews (DC)

Review: Ragman #5                               

While Ragman battles various thugs, blind/mute orphan Teddy brings the missing-money mystery to a fiery close. Co-creators Bob Kanigher and Joe Kubert team on this excellent series finale. [More]

Reviews (DC)

Review: Ragman #4                               

A pair of short stories from regular Ragman writer Bob Kanigher. The first one, illustrated by the Redondo Studio, is a bit hurried, but the wordless backup story, featuring art by co-creator Joe Kubert, is quite masterful. [More]

Reviews (DC)

Review: Ragman #3                               

When a mute, blind orphan witnesses a murder, local thugs again come to blows with Ragman. Another excellent offering from Bob Kanigher and the Redondo Studio, though the art is better executed than the story this time out. [More]

Reviews (DC)

Review: Ragman #2                               

Thugs keep looking for more than $2 million in missing loot — but find only pain when messing with Ragman. A fine followup to a great debut, again by the team of Bob Kanigher and the Redondo Studio. [More]

Reviews (DC)

Review: Ragman #1                               

When his father is murdered, Rory Regan dons a tattered costume to fight for justice in the ghetto — as Ragman! One of the underrated gems of the mid-1970s, from the team of Bob Kanigher and the Redondo Studio, with a little help from Joe Kubert. [More]

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