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What was Roy Thomas’ best Bronze Age Marvel series?

A new Talking Points poll goes live every Sunday (though this week’s was a few days late, sorry!), with a short list of nominees selected by your Comics Bronze Age editor. Vote — daily, if you like — then make a case for your pick with a comment. Think a Roy-Thomas-written run is missing from this week’s list? Select “Other” and use comments to spread a little love.

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7 comments to What was Roy Thomas’ best Bronze Age Marvel series?

  • My favorite Roy Thomas series for Marvel was probably What If?, but I went with The Invaders as his best. His love of Golden Age characters and comics history really comes through, making it an surprisingly enjoyable series.


  • Cole Moore Odell

    Conan, hands down, because it forced him to tone down some of the nostalgic indulgences that mar much of his other writing, and write in a leaner, tougher style closer to Howard–sometimes to the point of basically editing Howard’s prose into comic book form.

    I really think Roy’s comic book and general pop culture fandom got in the way of some of the superhero runs–for instance, the FF storyline set in the dreamworld based on the 1950s? Gak.

    However, I do have to give him credit for Gaard, the cosmic hockey goalie…who’s really an altEarth Johnny Storm!–a concept so emblematic of creatively spent, post-Kirby wheel-spinning mixed with hyper-complicated, continuity-mired plotting that I kind of love it.

    And I do dig Invaders, but more for the core concept, characters and Robbins art than the writing.

  • Edo Bosnar

    After some thought, I went with the Avengers. His run as writer on that book was really seminal, which laid the essential foundations for much of the later coolness in the ’70s under Englehart, Shooter and Michelinie among others.

  • Thelonious_Nick

    The Invaders, although Conan’s not far behind. But in the Invaders, the joy in getting to work on those characters in their natural World War II-era setting comes through on every page.

  • Cole:

    A shout out for Gaard! I remember reading that issue as a kid and just sitting and trying to figure our why a cosmic surfer was a cool concept, but a cosmic hockey goalie wasn’t. The answer, of course, was “Kirby,” but I didn’t know that at the time.


  • Dale

    Whenever anyone say Roy Thomas, I think of

    1. Conan
    2. The beautiful Dann Thomas (lucky bastard)
    3. All Star Squadron
    4. Alter Ego

  • Blaine Dawson

    Conan wins hands down for me. Did it usher in the Bronze Age? Possibly but it did signal a move away from standard super hero comics and open up new possabilities. It also stands up in its own right with a consistantly high level of art and writing. I think RTs run on the Avengers is Silver Age with the shift to Englehart signifying the dawn of the Bronze Age. The later issues are 1970s but, to me anyway, it’s a 60s series.

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